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Museum Tours & Programs for students

The museum offers dozens of activities and programs for students. We can tailor our programs and tours to coordinate with state curriculum standards, with your ideas, or with what your students are learning in school, such as local and Colorado history, pioneer life, ski history, etc. Everything listed below can be done in-person, virtually, in a hybrid form or outdoors. Most programs can occur at the museum or in the classroom.

Entrance to the museum and all programs are FREE to all Routt County residents and students. Please call Youth Education Coordinator Jonelle Castleberry at (303) 905-1013 or email at to discuss how the museum can serve you and your students. Also let us know if you need our financial assistance with transportation funding/buses to the museum. See below for a full listing of our offerings. We look forward to seeing you and your students soon!

Museum Tours & Exhibits (all grades)

Your students can experience the 1901 Queen Anne-style Zimmerman House where turn-of-the-century period-furnished rooms take students back in time to imagine the daily life of our town’s first residents using hands-on elements such as an old-fashioned butter churn to make butter, wool carders, an antique wash board, and replica historic toys. In our exhibits, students can explore the significant historical themes of our region including ranching, farming, mining, town development, mineral springs, tourism, skiing and Olympic sports, and more.

History Colorado Take Out Kits (K-5th grades)

Tread of Pioneers Museum staff received training from Denver’s History Colorado Center to implement three Colorado history programs for elementary students. “Western Work”, “Moving Day” and “Ute Knowledge” are extensive hands-on learning kits meeting state standards, that include large floor maps, artifacts, historical photographs and fact sheets, and interactive learning activities that we can bring to you. Click here for details.

  • Western Work: Colorado Industries of the Past - Through objects, photographs and role-playing activities, students become “entrepreneurs” in some of Colorado’s most important industries. The program meets economic, history and geography state standards and explores natural, capital and human resources in state history.
  • Moving Day: Colorado’s Migration Story - Students explore the movement of people across Colorado from prehistory to 1870 and these cultural groups: Puebloans, Mountain Men, Miners, Utes, Plains Indians and Hispanos. This program includes a large floor map that kids can move on.
  • Ute Knowledge: Colorado’s Original Scientists - Students investigate how the Ute Indians used science, technology, engineering and math to survive and thrive in the Rocky Mountains. By testing materials, they’ll see how Ute people solved problems in the past and still do today. The program meets history, math and science standards.
Pioneer Life Interactive Tour (2nd-5th grades)

This is a fun, hands-on way for students to live the life of a real Routt County pioneer and includes activities such as ranching, homesteading, mining, blacksmithing, and farming, with an authentic General Store where students can take their merchandise to sell or trade and buy products at 1910 prices. It’s a great way to teach history as well as economics, both past and present.

Discovery Kits (K-5th grades)

The museum has also created hands-on "Discovery Boxes" on a variety of historical subjects including Homesteading, Utes, Native Americans, Mining, Mountain Man, and Archaeology. These boxes contain a variety of age-specific and curriculum-based activities, learning tools, books, "artifacts," and other resources for teachers and students. Teachers and parents can check out these boxes free of charge by calling Youth Education Coordinator Jonelle Castleberry at 303-905-1013 or emailing JCASTLEBERRY@TREADOFPIONEERS.ORG. Download the Discovery Box informational brochure below with a detailed description of each box.


Each One Teach One Tour (3rd-5th grades)

Interactive tours provide a museum experience that is fun and educational. Each One Teach One is a hands-on exhibit tour where students learn about our local history and teach their classmates.

Ute and Ancestral Puebloan Programs

Our Ute program includes information about the Ute Bear Dance, Ute facts, and other Native American activities and crafts, such as beadwork, clay pottery, and basket weaving. Our Ancestral Puebloan program includes detailed pictures of petroglyphs, facts about these ancient people, and rock art and petroglyphs.

How Steamboat Became the County Seat (2nd-4th grades)

Based on 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade civics and social studies standards, this program was created based on teacher requests to combine civics standards while learning about local history. Using playground equipment and copies of historic Routt County land deeds and marriage licenses, students discover quickly why the location of the County Seat was such an important topic amongst Routt County citizens for so many years!

Wagon Trail Game (2nd grade and up)

On a large 3’x3’ map of Colorado, this interactive game traces the wagon trail route the Crawford family took from Denver to Steamboat Springs. Along the wagon trail, players are faced with series of actual trials and tribulations that require group problem solving and decision-making. Players’ choices determine if they will make it to Steamboat Springs successfully, or if their journey ends.

Storytime (K-2nd grade)

A staff person dressed in pioneer clothing tells a story to your class about: traveling West in a wagon train; life as one of the first pioneers in Routt County; toys and games of pioneer children (with real replica toys to play with!), and more!

Behind-the-Scenes Tours in Collections (3rd grade and up)

Go behind the scenes with our museum Curator to learn about artifact preservation, the role of museums, and see collections not on display.

Lulie’s Wildflowers and Watercolors (all grades)

As a tribute to local pioneer artist Lulie Crawford, a staff person shares the story of Lulie and her pioneering family, followed by watercolor instruction. Then the program participants paint their own wildflower watercolor masterpieces, just like Lulie!

Other Activities

Ask us about our scavenger hunt for kids, the Lulie Crawford’s Diary program, The Secret School, and artifact study. Have new ideas and goals? Just let us know!