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Howelsen Hill Audio Exhibit at Howelsen Hill Lodge


Six Unique Stories

Six unique stories share the history, character and spirit of this special location. Hear from Steamboat Springs’ first Olympian John Steele (1932) and six-time winter Olympian Todd Lodwick (1994-2014), as well as stories about Carl Howelsen, Howelsen Hill, the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club and Winter Carnival and the sports of Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined.

Installed at the entrance to the historic lodge, the push-button audio post provides quick access to each audio segment which allows you to take in the history while seeing the site instead of simply reading a sign.

“Both visitors and locals can benefit from this project as it makes the rich history of Howelsen Hill accessible to all,” commented Howelsen Hill Ski and Rodeo Manager, Brad Setter. “As we celebrate our heritage sites and unique history of Steamboat Springs, we inspire appreciation, stewardship, and pride – something Howelsen Hill has done for more than 100 years.”

A Rich Skiing History

Howelsen Hill is the oldest operating ski area in North America. Founded in 1914, Howelsen is the home of the century-old Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club and the training ground for nearly 100 (and counting) Olympians. The site is also the most complete natural ski jumping complex in North America. Today, Howelsen Hill hosts national and international ski and jumping competitions, as well many SSWSC disciplines.

Howelsen Hill is also home to Winter Carnival century-old traditions, including the night show and opening ceremonies. This treasured landmark is often referred to as the heart of downtown Steamboat Springs and holds a special place in the hearts of generations of snow lovers.

The Howelsen Hill audio exhibit was produced by the Tread of Pioneers Museum with grant funding from the museum and the Routt County Museum and Heritage Fund, in addition to support from Howelsen Hill staff.

The sounds of history will echo through the base of historic Howelsen Hill through a new audio tour post that shares the unmatched history of the 105-year-old ski area, Steamboat Springs’ Olympic heritage and the legacy of Norwegian Carl Howelsen.

“Though this will be our first outdoor audio tour post project in Steamboat Springs, they are popular throughout the world at historic sites and national parks,” said Tread of Pioneers Museum Executive Director, Candice Bannister. “At Howelsen Hill, you’re surrounded by so much history and elements that have shaped our community, that we wanted to bring it front and center through this project.”

Listen to hear about Carl Howelsen:

Listen to the history of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club:

Listen to the history of Nordic Combined in Steamboat Springs:

Listen to the history of Howelsen Hill: