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New Items On Display From The Pleasant Collection of Native American Art

1. Navajo Saddle Blanket (Circa 1910-1920)

Rain Symbol design. Instead of being placed between the saddle and the horse, this decorative type of saddle blanket was draped on top of the saddle. Material: Handspun, aniline-dyed wool. Donated by: F. Carpenter

2. Ute gauntlets, Circa 1880s
Members of the local Ute tribe gave these gloves to Mrs. James H. (Margaret) Crawford as a gift. The Crawford family and the Utes had a brief but friendly relationship.

More about the Pleasant Collection of Native American Art:
Farrington and Eunice Carpenter generously donated 12 piece collection of Edward S. Curtis Photogravures to the Tread of Pioneers Museum in 1961. Eunice’s nephew, Richard Pleasant had recently bequeathed the collection of photogravures and numerous Native American artifacts to the Carpenters. Pleasant, founder of the American Ballet Theatre, and his father, “Johnny,” had assembled the collection over the years. The Pleasant family had been visible Northwestern, Colorado residents since 1918, settling in Maybell. #tbt

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