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Celebrate Women's History Month

Throwback Thursday! To celebrate women's history month, we pay tribute to all of the Routt County women who have helped make this corner of the world such a wonderful place. Pictured here is Margaret Bourne Crawford (1840-1939), wife of the founder of Steamboat Springs, James Harvey Crawford.

"We left our friends and family in Missouri in 1873 and came across the plain by wagon. We Left our church and home, that were so dear to us, to face the hardships of pioneer life. But had we known what was before us we would, no doubt, have shrunk from the task. I was very homesick and this year of 1874 and 75 was the hardest year of my life. I baked 30 hundred pounds of flour from the time the last load could be brought over the range until the pass was open the next spring...For months at a time I have not heard a woman's voice. " Margaret Crawford

Her husband James filed the first claim in Steamboat Springs on July 25, 1875. She left a comfortable Missouri home, friends and church to join a 1873 wagon train headed west and two years later set up housekeeping in the cabin at "medicine springs" on the knoll above the Iron Spring in Steamboat Springs.

Her log cabin was Steamboat Springs' first post office, school, church, library and newspaper office. She raised four wonderful children in the wild pioneer outpost that was Steamboat Springs.

When she died at age 90, The Steamboat Pilot reported: "There was no overwhelming sorrow, just loving memories of the brave and loyal woman who had so faithfully done her part through the pioneer days and through all the years since, carrying our the best traditions of American womanhood."

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