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Annual Yule Log Hunt

two people holding the yule log they found

The Log Has Been Found!

The Yule Log was found last night, 12/14/22 at 6:30pm by Randy and Skyler Nelson. It was hidden next to the bathrooms in Dr. Rich Weiss Park near the Rabbit Ears Motel.



Wed., Dec. 7, 2022 - Clue #1

Trifecta win, three years in a row.

Not fooled by us, nor stopped by snow.

Stay on the trail, with bliss and art.

The hunt begins, today’s the start!

Thursday, Dec. 8 - Clue #2
Cross the street, start the fun.
A bird’s delight, in morning sun.
Family adventure, a brand new start.
Solve the clues, follow your heart.

Friday, Dec. 9 - Clue #3
Up the hill, around the way.
A dream, a vision--pioneer of her day.
Learning lessons, making history.
Yule Log clues, what a mystery!


Monday, Dec. 12 - Clue #4
Near school and cabin, Suttle knew.
From up on Husted and Baldy too.
Make your way to sweet pleasure.
Don’t delay, find the treasure.

Tuesday, Dec. 13 Clue #5
For Faunt’s father, 1899 to 1943.
The center for all, the place to be.
Follow the road, around the bend.
Head on down, we’re nearing the end.

Wed., Dec. 14 Clue #6
Stukey knew, he planted the seed.
Dismuke followed and met the need.
A gem for all, the town’s delight.
Don’t stop here, you might be right.

*Solve all the clues from clue #1 as they take you on a journey from last year’s hiding spot (The Art Depot on 13th St.), to the new hiding spot this year; the log will be hidden after clue #6.
8 total clues are released on weekdays only starting Dec. 7. If you find the log, please immediately call the Tread of Pioneers Museum at 879-2214;  also please bring the log directly to the Museum as soon as you find it to claim your prize.

It’s that time of year again! This year’s 43rd Annual Yule Log Hunt, presented by the Tread of Pioneers Museum, begins on Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022. Each weekday’s clues will be posted on the museum’s website and Facebook page, air on local radio stations, and will also be printed in the Steamboat Pilot/Today and its website. A new clue will be released each weekday for up to eight days, unless the log is found sooner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Every year, the clues take you on a path toward the log’s hiding place; the clues do not describe the hiding spot itself until the last few clues of the hunt. The log will not be physically in its hiding place until after the release of clue #6, in an effort to prevent hunters from randomly stumbling upon the log.

The 2022 hunt starts at the site of last year’s hiding place: The Art Depot on 13th Street, home of Steamboat Creates. Clues written each year by museum staff often include information that refers to community history or place names or events of the past. Unless the log is found sooner, the 8th and final clue will be released by the media on Friday, December 16, 2022.

Background: The Yule Log Hunt has been a traditional holiday event in this community for 43 years! The three-foot long, 25-pound log is hidden within the city limits of Steamboat Springs. It is distinctively marked with the words “Yule Log” (in RED letters) and at least a portion of it will be visible from its hiding place. The log will not be on personal private property, inside of buildings, or in areas that charge fees to enter.

When the log is found: When the log is found, the lucky winner should immediately call the Tread of Pioneers Museum at 970.879.2214. Museum staff will announce the end of the hunt so that others on the hunt do not keep searching. The log must be physically presented to Tread of Pioneers Museum staff before the winner will receive the $150 Steamboat Chamber gift card (generously donated by the Steamboat Chamber). Solve the clues, find the log, and join the winners’ circle of Yule Log fame!

yule log 2021

For the third year in a row, the mother-son duo of Mirko Erspamer and Lynne Romeo found the log on Dec. 15, 2021 at 9:10am, in front of the Depot.

They said they looked there because several of the clues referenced the railroad throughout the hunt, and “victim of progress” in clue # 6 led them to research and learn about the loss of passenger/mail service of the railroad, and other modes of transportation. Clue writer, Candice Bannister, Director of the museum, said that although this was not the written intent of clue #6, she did confirm that there were railroad references throughout the hunt, so she can understand how they might have continued along the railroad, and checked around the Depot as a potential hiding spot.

Both the winners and Bannister laugh at the fact that different interpretations of the clues, and not the actual intended answers to the clues, lead the duo to the log each year.