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Journeys West: Pioneer Tales from the Wagon Trail
On Display: 6/15/2015 – 5/2017
In 1873, the Crawford family loaded up their wagons in Sedalia, Missouri and headed to Colorado in search of a new life in the area that would eventually become Steamboat Springs. But how did they and other pioneer families do it? What were their routes? What did they eat? How did they survive sickness, inclement weather, wild animals, treacherous mountain passes with no roads and the grueling long hours? Drawing on diaries, personal memoirs, photographs and actual objects from Routt County’s first pioneer families, “Journeys West: Pioneer Tales from the Wagon Trail” explores what life was really like for these brave frontier adventurers.
Lost Steamboat
On Display: 2/3/2017 – 4/30/2017
A photographic exhibition from the Tread of Pioneers Museum collection of significant buildings lost over the years.

River rock, logs and quarry stone: the practical builders and architects of Routt County used locally available material to build Steamboat Springs’ early stores, schools and churches. As a result, those buildings reflected history, geology, talent and Northwest Colorado style.
Pioneer Kids Bedroom Hands-On Discovery Exhibit
On Display: 5/2017
Step back in time to experience life as a pioneer child. Get hands-on: dress up in pioneer clothes, play with antique toys, and explore a realistic pioneer bedroomfrom the past.
Edward S. Curtis Exhibit
Currently On Display
“It’s such a big dream, I can’t see it all.”
Edward S. Curtis was a driven, charismatic, pioneer artist and photographer who set out at the turn of the last century to document traditional American Indian life before it disappeared. He rose from obscurity to become the most famous photographer of his time. Curtis abandoned his career as a successful portrait photographer and spent 30 years creating an astonishing body of work capturing Native American culture: 10,000 audio recordings, 20 volumes of text, a full length motion picture, and 40,000 photographs.
“A Legacy of Learning: Celebrating 50 Years of Colorado Mountain College and the Bud Werner Memorial Library” exhibit at the Tread of Pioneers Museum
On Display: March 24 - Sept. 24, 2017
Location: Tread of Pioneers Museum, Crawford Community Room
As the center for history and remembrance in Steamboat Springs, the Tread of Pioneers Museum coordinated a partnership exhibit with Colorado Mountain College and the Bud Werner Memorial Library to celebrate their 50th anniversaries of serving the Steamboat Springs community. The exhibit will also feature a historical perspective on early libraries and education in Steamboat Springs.
Staking Their Claim
On Display: 7/2017 – 6/2018
Pioneers experienced extraordinary hardships and rewards making a life for themselves and their families in the Western frontier with no towns or amenities. In this exhibit, learn about the strength and courage of the early settlers who faced danger, starvation, privation, and loneliness in order to create a new life in the early West. Early pioneers showed amazing resourcefulness and ingenuity to create a new life out of nothing.
Two Friends Meet
Exhibit On Display
“Two Friends Meet”

These limited edition fine art prints created by Hawk, a renowned Western and wildlife watercolor artist, capture the mood, quality and simplistic lifestyle that is uniquely our local heritage. The prints were bequeathed to the Tread of Pioneers Museum by the Vernon Summer estate and feature Vernon Summer, the quintessential cowboy, working on his ranch in Sidney, just south of Steamboat Springs.
Foundations of Steamboat Exhibit: The Squire/Hogue Family
On Display: 3/2016 - 3/2017
The Foundations of Steamboat exhibit honors families who have made a significant contribution to Northwest Colorado. With roots in Routt County since 1884, the Squire/ Hogue family has successfully run a 100-year- old ranch and an iconic historic downtown building. The exhibit is told through the words of Margaret Squire Hogue, a light-hearted and hard-working rancher and mother. Highlighted are family keepsakes and a 10th Mountain Division soldier’s love letters sent from the front lines of World War II.
SOAR into the the history of skiing in Steamboat Springs in our new exhibit! "Ski Town USA" traces the evolution of skiing in our town from essential winter-time transportation to the wolrd reknown recreational sport of today. See the predecessor of the today's snowboard, a chair from the chairlift that once went to the top of Emerald Mountain, and memorabilia from Steamboat's Olympic athletes.
Steamboat Springs: The Land, The People, The Town
Discover the inspiring landscapes, indigenous Utes, hardy settlers, and rugged ranchers who made this valley home. Learn about town founders and how the town of Steamboat Springs developed in this introductory exhibit. Don’t miss our “Hands On Fun!” elements throughout the exhibit.
Olympian Tribute Display
Honoring all our local Olympians who represent Ski Town USA ® on the world stage. Located on the second floor of Thunderhead Lodge (upper gondola building) at the Steamobat Ski Area.



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