School Tours and Programs

School tours and special programs are a large part of the activities at the Tread of Pioneers Museum. Museum staff tailor our school tours to the state required curriculum. We also offer children's programs and events throughout the year.

The Tread of Pioneers Museum staff and volunteers work closely with teachers to create curriculum-based school tours and other educational programs to best meet student and teacher needs. We offer tours, activities, and programs to fit all age groups and goals. Give us a call to discuss your needs and ideas, and help your students discover their heritage today. Call 879-2214 or email to discuss and schedule.

The museum has also created hands-on "Discovery Boxes" on a varitety of historical subjects including Homesteading, Utes, Native Americans, Mining, Mountain Man, and Archaelology. These boxes contain a varitey of age-specific and curriculum-based activities, learning tools, books, "artifacts," and other resources for teachers and students. Teachers and parents can check out these boxes free of charge by calling us at 970-879-2214 for email Download the Discovery Box informational brochure below with a detailed description of each box.


Tread of Pioneers Museum volunteer, Barbara Walker, helps students in the new “general store” at the museum. Students can participate in a new hands-on history program that features purchasing and trading items in the general store, mining for gold, growing and harvesting food, raising and branding cattle, life of a homesteader, and other interactive activities

The museum also offers “The Diary of Lulie Crawford” program. Students hear passages from Lulie’s diary, write or draw the “next page” in Lulie’s diary with old fashioned pen and ink and handmade stick pencils, and try their hands at an antique typewriter.

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