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History Happy Hours

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Location: Butcherknife Brewery

Tuesday - 03/07/2017, 5:30pm; FREE
“Outlaws: Tom Horn and the Bassett Family” with Dan Davidson of the Museum of Northwest Colorado

Tuesday - 04/04/2017, 5:30pm; FREE
“Tragedy and Triumph in Mount Harris”

They are always there, raging, rumbling, and ruminating on the spirit of the West they say has been lost... They are the Boys at the Bar…The Bar is the Corral Club in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This collection of Sureva Towler's essays on the boys--many of which appeared in The Denver Post--give the reader an insight into the often troubling, often hilarious politics of Western small-town life. As the boys drink, laugh, and carouse, they also tell the stories that define us. A lament for the West that is being lost, this book is also a celebration for what remains and a reminder to drop in to the local watering hole for a cold one with friends.

Past Happy Hours

Past Events:

02/07/2017: "The Death of Joseph Hahn and the History of Hahns Peak" with Becky Hicks of the Hahns Peak Historical Society
10/04/2016: "Brooklyn: Steamboat's Red Light District"
11/01/2016: “Cattle and Sheep Range Wars in Routt County"
12/06/2016: “The Lawless and the Lawmen of Routt County”
01/03/2017: "Crimes and Conflicts in Routt County History” with historian Paul Bonnifield
03/07/2017: "Outlaws: Tom Horn and the Bassett Family" with Dan Davidson of the Museum of Northwest Colorado

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