Annual Yule Log Hunt

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The yule log was found by Doug and Suzi Warner under the trees at Strings Music Festival on the mountain at 10:30am on December 10. The log was found after the release of clue number five. Although clue number five did not describe clues to the hiding place, Doug and Suzi said they found the log by honing in on the Mt. Werner and ski resort areas because clue number five talked about the old warming hut on the mountain. They scoured the area around where the warming hut used to stand, then worked their way down Mt. Werner Road looking around both barns. They decided to look at the fire station on Pine Grove Road, and as they passed the Strings Music Festival, they thought it would be a good idea to search there and found the Yule Log. They said finding the Yule Log has been on their bucket list since 2005.

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Yule Log Hunt Clues 2016
The 2016 Yule Log Hunt begins at the hiding spot from 2015: The “Welcome to Steamboat Springs” sign on Hwy 40 near the Mountain Fire Station.

Clue #5- Friday, Dec. 9:
Step on into the family’s hut.
Way back when, few runs were cut.
Buy your ticket or grab a slice.
Get your gear, don’t think twice.

Clue #4- Thursday, Dec. 8:
In 1964 he rose to glory.
See him now, he’ll tell his story.
Grab a drink or meet for fun.
Don’t stop now, you’ve just begun!

Clue #3- Wed., Dec. 7:
Make your way up toward the peak.
Follow the banks to cache you seek.
Solve the riddles with history and lore.
Stay on our path, there’s more in store.

Clue #2- Tuesday, Dec. 6:
Ring the bell, take out your slate.
Get your pole, choose your bait.
Fill ‘er up, or grab a bite.
Solve the clues, the time is right

Clue #1- Monday, Dec. 5:
Warmest welcome, to you and yours.
They found the log near Casey’s shores.
Start the hunt, ten clues in all.
Follow the path, and have a ball!

If you find the log, please immediately call the Tread of Pioneers Museum at 879-2214;
also please bring the log directly to the Museum to claim your prize.

The 37th Annual Yule Log Hunt, sponsored by the Tread of Pioneers Museum and the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association, will begin on Monday, December 5th. Each day’s clues will be posted on the museum’s website and Facebook page, air on local radio stations, and will also be printed in the Steamboat Today. A new clue will be released each weekday, until 10 clues have brought Yule Log hunters on a journey to the log’s hiding place (unless the log is found before 10 clues are released). Radio stations can read previous days’ clues before reading the current day’s clue. Please note each day’s clues do not refer to the hiding spot until the end of the last two clues of the hunt—the clues take you on a path towards the hiding spot.

The 2016 hunt starts at the site of last year’s hiding place: “Welcome to Steamboat Springs” sign on HWY 40 in front of the Mountain Fire Station. Clues often include information that refers to community history or past events. Unless the Log is found sooner, the 10th and final clue will be released by the media on Friday, December 16th (sent to all media the evening of Thursday, Dec. 15th).

The Yule Log Hunt has been a traditional holiday event in this community for over 37 years! The three foot long, 25 pound log is hidden within the city limits of Steamboat Springs. It is distinctively marked with the words “Yule Log” (in RED letters) and at least a portion of it will be visible from its hiding place. The log will not be on private property, inside of buildings or in areas that charge fees to enter.

When the log is found, the lucky winner should immediately call the Tread of Pioneers Museum and ask for Candice or Katie so that others on the hunt do not keep searching (Museum # is 879-2214). The log must be physically presented to a Tread of Pioneers Museum staff person before the winner can claim the $150 Steamboat Chamber gift certificate (generously donated by the Steamboat Chamber Resort Association). Join the fun, solve the clues, find the log and you will be $150 richer!

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