Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Hours: Tues - Sat: 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
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A Taste of History - Historic cooking methods, recipes, and food tastings.

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Location: Tread of Pioneers Museum

Third Friday of January, February, and March at noon in the community room. FREE event!

Friday, February 17 – ‘This and That’ from the Fair Family Favorites Cookbook

The focus of this talk is the “This and That” section of the Fair Family Favorites Cookbook—how to use what’s on hand to make household essentials such as cough syrup, furniture polish, starch, soap, etc. Nancy Mucklow and friends will discuss how Routt County women had to make many of their own products because they weren’t available in stores and how inventive women had to be to survive and make their lives easier. Although the discussion is not about food, we’ll cook up and serve food from favorite recipes in the Fair Family Favorites Cookbook.

Friday, March 17 – Routt County Soups

We will make soups from local Routt County family recipes, including those using local game. Nancy Mucklow and friends will discuss the history of soups and their importance to Routt County families, especially cowboys and ranchers.

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