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Werner, Loris

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Date of Birth: 1941

City/State of Birth: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Current Residence: Phippsburg, Colorado

Olympics and Events Attended:
1964 Olympics, Innsbruck, Austria ~ Alpine/Slalom/Downhill/Giant Slalom
1968 Olympics, Grenoble, France ~ Alpine

Brief Biography:
The youngest member of the Werner family, Werner started skiing at the same time he started walking. At the age of six he entered his first downhill competition and became an outstanding four-way skier under the coaching of Gordy Wren. Like his brother Buddy, Werner began as a jumper and later specialized in downhill.

Werner was nicknamed "Bugs" in junior high school, but he says it is a secret as to why. He became a legend as a sophomore in high school when he jumped out of both boots, after having left them untied so he could flex more. At the Junior Nationals, Werner took both the jumping and downhill championships in 1958. Werner won the U.S. National Downhill Championships in 1967, during the eighth year of his nine years on the U.S. Ski Team. While getting a degree in business economics at Western State College (1962-1967), he received a National Collegiate Athletic Association Downhill Championship and two Skimeister awards. In 2007, Loris was named to the CO Ski and Snowboard Ski Hall of Fame.

After the 1968 Olympics games, Werner became the Colorado Men's Junior National Team Coach for a year until he joined his sister, Gladys (Skeeter) to operate the Steamboat Ski School, working his way up to mountain manager and vice president of operations. Werner worked at Mt. Werner for 17 years, and has been involved in every aspect of developing and managing the ski area. Werner continues to reside in Routt County with his wife Deb and is an active member of the community.
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