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Erichensen, Kristoffer

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Date of Birth: February 11, 1978

City/State of Birth: Rapid City, South Dakota

Current Residence: Norway

Olympics and Events Attended:
1998 Olympics, Nagano, Japan ~ Nordic Combined
2002 Olympics, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA ~ Nordic Combined

Brief Biography:
Erichsen was born in South Dakota but grew up in Norway. He holds dual citizenship in both Norway and the U.S. He began ski jumping when he was only seven and says he was born with skis. In 1995 the Norwegian Ski Federation released Erichsen to compete for the U.S. and he moved to Steamboat. He won first at the World Cup-B event in December 2000 at Calgary, Canada and earned second place in the sprint at the Chaux-Neuve, France in March 2001.

The Olympics run in Erichsen's family. His father competed for Norway in rowing at the 1972 games in Munich, Germany. Erichsen also enjoys playing piano and the guitar.
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