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Dunn-Downing, Shannon

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Date of Birth: November 26, 1972

City/State of Birth: Arlington Heights, Illinois

Current Residence: Encinitas, California

Olympics and Events Attended:
1998 Olympics, Nagano, Japan - Snowboarding Half Pipe
2002 Olympics, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Snowboarding Half Pipe

Brief Biography:
Dunn moved from the suburbs of Chicago to Steamboat in 1981 when she was 9 years old. She started snowboarding the first year (1987) the Steamboat ski area allowed it. Dunn had skied previously but the first time she rode a board she was hooked on the sport and bought a snowboard the next day and ditched her skis forever. She started competing soon after, with the inspiration of her older brother, Sean.

In 1990 she timidly circled pro on her entry form and ended up getting a surprising 3rd place. The next summer her brother and she went to snowboard camp and she got her first sponsor and started traveling and competing around the world. She never expected snowboarding to be in the Olympics! Dunn was on the first snowboard Olympic team that went to the Nagano Olympics and the funniest experience was that all the girls got gender tested--and yes, she's officially a girl! She ended up with a bronze--luckily-- because she fell on her second run after leading in her first run. Dunn qualified for the Salt Lake games in 2002 and placed 5th.

In 1994, Dunn was the first woman to have a marketed women's pro model snowboard, and has been one of the most influential women riders in the snowboarding industry, leading the way for many women in the sport. She is cofounder of boarding for breast cancer and works with all her sponsors to create and market products designed for women.

Dunn married Dave Downing in 1999 and in 2003 had her first son, Logan and in 2004 had another son, Dillon.
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